We make your dream house a holiday location

 We make your dream come true

 We make your farmhouse

 We make your row house

 We don't just construct houses we make people feel at home

RR o Radford Global Ltd
  C o m p a n y     P r o f i l e

Radford Global Ltd is an existing profit making company engaged in the Real Estates It was incorporated as a Public Limited Company in the state of Gujarat on 21st September, 1994 by Mr. RAJESH MAHEHSWARI, Mr. MANISH N SHAH, Mr. PRAKASH BIYANI  &  Mr. NITIN MURARKA &  Others. The Company Obtained the Certificate for Commencement of the Business on 7th October 1994.

The company carries on its activity of Purchase, acquire on lease or hire or in any other manner, anylands, Estates and properties of any nature ,rights or interests therein and to develop the same and to build, construst, execute, improve, administer, manage, sell, lease or control in India and in any part of the world, works relating to housing complexes, apartments, commercial complexes, markets, warehouses, hotels, farms, farmhouses, resorts, amusement parks, docks, harbours, piers, wharves, canals, roads, bridges ,Tunnels, irrigation & software, telecommunication, textile and chemicals other civil works.


The company does not have any subsidiary company within the meaning of section 4 of the companies Act, 1956

The company’s overall operations are maintained by Mr. RAJESH  MAHESHAWARI, Director who are looking for the day-to-day affairs of the management, mainly, marketing and finance. The present management team appears to be well conversed with related aspects of the industry in view of their experience of over 1 decades in more or less similar type of industries, successfully running the present. Radford Global Ltd provides one stop solution for all kinds of Need.


  F a r m     H o u s e 
 We make farm houses
  N o n     A g r i c u l t u r a l     P l o t s
 We make your Plots a dream house with green natural environment




  R o w    H o u s e
 We make Row house
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